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To ensure our ideas are protected, Ampronix files a patent after establishing a novel product. Upon receiving a certified patent, Ampronix is granted legal confirmation and protection to that original technology, allowing the company unrestricted access to create unlimited products that pertain to that particular patent.

With granted patents, Ampronix is the sole founder and is entitled to legal protection should any entity attempt to duplicate it. The ideas and products associated with provisional patents are protected for a year, after which, Ampronix may choose to pursue a permanent patent.

4KBOXX422 & 4KBOXX22

4Kboxx application by Ampronix

As medical practitioners are shifting to ultra-high definition 4K displays, some are led to believe that their existing modalities are unable to easily convert to an upgraded display resolution.

However, Ampronix has created a solution that will allow existing Cath Labs to convey 4K resolution through the 4K Boxx, a new video manager that fixes common connectivity issues. Although they both complete the same task of facilitating a connection between display and modality, choosing between the 4KBoxx422 or the 4KBoxx22 depends entirely on the issue your display is having.

To connect a display to a Cath Lab with four 1K cables, the 4KBoxx422 converts the four 1K cables into 2 2K cables, before working as an emulator to ensure the existing system and new 4K display are able to interact. If a Cath Lab already has 2K cable outputs but cannot be read with 2K monitor inputs, the 4KBoxx22 facilitates a connection, allowing the video manager to communicate with the 4K panel. The 2K and 4K boxes will be included when clients purchase a Barco MDSC8258 or a 4K Hybridpixx HPX582D.

The Barco display is a 58 inch radiology monitor with a LED backlight and LCD panel. The ultra-high definition 4K display can be utilized in hybrid operating rooms, interventional X-ray, and cardiovascular suites. With ultra-low latency, the display is a dependable monitor to be optimized in real-time imaging. Additionally, the quad display creates the potential for increased workflow in the diagnostic reading room, giving medical practitioners the ability to compare and contrast four images at once. 


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