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Common repairs                                                   


19" LCD surgical monitor 

Power, LCD and protective screen

NDS SCWU26A1515   

26" LCD surgical monitor  

Power, video board and screen

Stryker 240030960

26" Surgical monitor

Power, LCD and protective screen


Medical video printer

Sensor and mechanism

Elo Monitors

12", 15", 17", 19" and 22" monitors

Power, display, touch screen

Fimi MML1801IP1P

18" Grayscale monitor

Power, LCD and protective screen

Dataray DR7716

15" OEC C-Arm monitor

CRT, high voltage

Sony DVO1000MD

Medical DVD Recorder

DVD drive, mechanism

Barco MVGD1318

18" Grayscale monitor

LCD, touch screen, and components  

Barco MFGD5621HD

5 Megapixel monitor

Backlights, and components

Some of our Exclusive Repairs Include:

Converting from CRTs to LCD/LED technology
Repairing 42" monitors and bigger
Repairing patient monitoring systems
Repairing 4K technology including monitors, video recorders, projectors
Programming all video signals to communicate with all systems

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