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Bridging the Gap

As a leader in medical imaging technology since 1982, Ampronix delivers customer-centric solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your medical environment. Ampronix bridges the gap in products and services available to the industry with a full spectrum of imaging peripherals available for the medical community worldwide.

34 Years and Counting

Getting there takes experience, and after 34 years, Ampronix has it. The company, whose foundation was established as a high-end service organization, learned through hands-on experience which products were of high quality and value, and which were a bad investment. The knowledge and experience that came from repairing so many products from different original equipment manufacturers ultimately led AMPRONIX customers to push for the addition of a sales department. When the company became involved in equipment sales, it became clear that its high service volume and longstanding relationships with original equipment manufacturers would allow for substantial price discounts on the sales side.