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Ampronix Government Sales

Ampronix has over two decades of experience servicing durable medical equipment and supplying medical imaging products to the General Services Administration (GSA) and government organizations at federal, state, and local levels. We have provided specialized medical imaging solutions to the Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Armed Forces, Air Force, Navy, Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Centers, and other government departments and agencies.

Ampronix is a master distributor of the industry’s top medical imaging brands as well as our own Ampronix branded technology: Barco, NEC, PacsGear, DOME by NDSsi, MEDVIX, SONY, Vidar, NDS, MODALIXX, and many more. For a complete list of our product lines and services, please download our Capabilities Statement, Product Line Card and Services Guide

If you are interested in working with Ampronix or would like to discuss a Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA), please contact our dedicated Government Account Manager, Ms. Crystal Grant: 

Ms. Crystal Grant
Government Account Manager
Phone: 949-273-8000 x 156
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   Federal Supply Schedule 65VA     Contract #: V797D-40288, Contract Period: 03/01/2015 to 02/28/2020

   Federal Supply Schedule 65IIA     Contract #: V797D-40213, Contract Period: 08/01/2014 to 07/30/2019

            GSA Schedule                       Contract #: GS-03F-0006W, Contract Period: 10/01/2009 to 09/30/2019

Barco Eizo Totoku Medvix  
Modalixx NDS Surgical Imaging Pacsgear   WIDE  





Audio and video equipment manufacturing


LCD (liquid crystal display) unit screens manufacturing


Monitors, computer peripheral equipment, manufacturing


Monitors and monitor screen projection devices, computer, and printer merchant wholesalers


Medical ultrasounds equipment, patient monitoring equipment merchant wholesalers


Medical, surgical, and diagnostic imaging equipment repair and maintenance services


Recent GSA Contract Wins


VA Medical CenterSalisbury,  Barco Monitor, $16,635.97 --05/4/2018

VA Medical Center – Charleston, GS-03F-0006W, Pacsgear Equipment, $152,358.77, 5/01/2018 

Indian Health Service – Phoenix, Pacsgear equipment, $12,332.68 --04/18/2018

VA Medical Center – Palo Alto, VA261-16-F-1201, Barco Monitors, $72,842.00, 3/14/2016  

Indian Health Service – Colorado River, Pacsgear equipment, $47,623.24, 11/6/15

Indian Health Service – Hopi health, Pacsgear Equipment, $25,004.77, 5/17/16

VA Medical Center – Orlando, VA248-16-F-1851, Pacsgear Equipment, $17,993.84, 5/26/15

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