Cath Lab and Hybrid OR Display Monitor

The next breakthrough in medical technology stems from ultra-high definition LED monitors with the capability of displaying imagery at 4K / 8MP with 3840 X 2160 resolution adept for multiple application viewing on a single screen. These monitors make existing CRT/LCD displays a thing of the past for Cath Lab and Hybrid OR facilities. Ampronix offers service, repair, and replacement of all 4K systems including large screen displays, hybrid monitors, and consumer displays. The onsite, full service and repair warehouse is composed of a dedicated team of experts working on the repair and maintenance of top brands such as Eizo, Barco, Optik View, and HYBRIDPIXX to reestablish factory standards.

The service department at Ampronix is comprised of two halves; technicians and quality control. The technicians, responsible for the rectification of damaged equipment, are specially trained and factory certified in the distribution of reputable brand products from companies like Barco, Phillips, Sony, and countless others. Quality control is responsible for monitoring repairs, testing of repaired units, overseeing warranty claims, and providing guidance to sales and distribution.

We offer:

  • Nationwide requests received by 2pm PST will receive same or next day delivery.
  • A readily available response team to assist and answer questions for urgent repairs.
  • ESD and ASQ certified technicians.
  • Capable and competent customer service representatives for all your medical technology questions and concerns.

Ampronix maintains and quickly repairs all 4k medical display monitors to ensure no time is lost in situations of criticality. There is nothing as vital as imaging equipment in a Cath Lab or Hybrid OR, in a medical procedure up to 4-6 monitors can be utilized at a time for enhanced visibility. These UHD large medical grade displays are considered to be the new “gold standard” for surgical applications allowing multiple screens to be viewed on a single device while taking up a minimal amount of space.

In 2016, Ampronix was granted the provisional patent “System and Method for Interfacing Image Manager to Monitor for Medical Imaging Applications.” This patent is the foundation for the 4KBoxx422 and 4kBoxx22, which will be introduced to the consumer market in May 2017. 

This video manager box, included with the purchase of an Ampronix 4K Hybrid display, allows compatibility between existing Cath Lab modalities and higher resolution displays. This proves advantageous for customers looking to avoid high costs of replacing an entire system that needs to upgrade a modality's interface.

If a Cath Lab modality with 2K cable outputs cannot properly read monitor inputs, the 4KBoxx22 works as an emulator, reestablishing system communication to the display. However, in instances where the Cath Lab has four 1K cables, the 4KBoxx 422 will convert them into two 2K cables before emulating signal. This ensures that the Cath Lab has the capacity to transmit to the intended display. Click here to learn about how the 4KBoxx is used in application.


With a warehouse stocked with over 14,500 products and quality components, a strategically laid out service center allows 24 to 48 hour turnaround times for products new and refurbished.

Ampronix is dedicated to providing superior solutions to medical professionals without compromise, while striving to consistently augment patient care through improved physician workflow.

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