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Current and Pending Patents 

To ensure our ideas are protected, Ampronix files a patent after establishing a novel product. Upon receiving a certified patent, Ampronix is granted legal confirmation and protection to that original technology, allowing the company unrestricted access to create unlimited products that pertain to that particular patent.

With granted patents, Ampronix is the sole founder and is entitled to legal protection should any entity attempt to duplicate it. The ideas and products associated with provisional patents are protected for a year, after which, Ampronix may choose to pursue a permanent patent.

Currently, we have three patents in the process of being filed and two that have been granted. 



Signamaxx Patent by Ampronix

On April 19, 2016, Ampronix was granted a patent for revolutionary video converter, SIGNAMAXX SIG165. The patent Method and System for Video and Parameter Analysis and Transmission grants the invention created by President and CEO Nausser Fathollahi protection for 20 years. After that period, Patent U.S. 9,319,673 B2 is able to be renewed.

The SIGNAMAXX SIG165 makes the transition from CRT displays to LED screens simple, invalidating the notion that entire modalities must be replaced in order to make upgrades. With multiple video input options, the video signal analyzer provides versatility and ease of use. Additionally, the product also allows Ampronix to create custom LCD replacements for existing CRT displays.

The SIGNAMAXX SIG165 converter has the capability to convert 525-1600 lines, color and/or grayscale, and interlaced or non-interlaced/progressive video. With the press of a button, a healthcare facility’s modality signal parameters are sent directly to Ampronix’s Research and Development department via a WIFI-equipped laptop supplied with the SIGNAMAXX SIG165. Capturing the proprietary video signal parameters is necessary in order for us to create a custom display fitting the specific modality needs. Click here to learn about how the Signamaxx is used in application.


4KBOXX422 & 4KBOXX22

Ampronix 4k Boxx

In 2016, Ampronix was granted the provisional patent “System and Method for Interfacing Image Manager to Monitor for Medical Imaging Applications.” This patent is the foundation for the 4KBoxx422 and 4kBoxx22, which will be introduced to the consumer market in May 2016. 

These boxes are video managers that come with the purchase of two 4K ultra high definition displays to make existing Cath Lab modalities compatible with higher resolution displays. Instead of purchasing entirely new systems, which cost roughly $120,000; hospitals only need to purchase our display system—the more cost-effective choice.

If a Cath Lab modality with 2K cable outputs is not properly reading with 2K monitor inputs, the 4KBoxx22 works as an emulator, which makes it possible for the system to communicate with the monitor. However, if the Cath Lab has four 1K cables, the 4KBoxx 422 will convert them into two 2K cables before emulating the signal, in order to ensure that the Cath Lab can transmit to the display. Click here to learn about how the 4KBoxx is used in application.


                                             Hybridpixx by Ampronix                          

In May 2016, Ampronix applied for a patent regarding our 4K ultra high definition display, HYBRIDPIXX. This device comes with either the 4Kboxx422 or 4Kboxx22 to ensure connectivity. An optional Hybridpixx video manager is available with the display as well.

The 58 inch LED backlit screen, QFHD display, and automatic luminance stabilization system work together to produce brilliant images. The HYBRIDPIXX video manager gives physicians the ability to customize the display to fit their surgical or interventional radiology needs with hundreds of layout options, easy maneuvering/scaling capabilities, and the ability to input 27 analog or digital signals. Click here to learn about how the Hybridpixx is used in application.

IR Restructuring Module

OEC 9800 Upgrade Kit by Ampronix

In May 2016, Ampronix applied for a patent which allows us to connect to touch screen LCD displays by utilizing a module that we created here at Ampronix. 

Click here to learn about how the OEC Upgrade Kit is used in application.


About Ampronix   

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