TOSHIBA Teli CS8550i-51 CCD Monochrome Camera

TOSHIBA Teli CS8550i-51 CCD Monochrome Camera

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Quick Overview

The TOSHIBA Teli CS8550i51 (CS8550i-51) 1/3'' Type CCD Camera.

HIGH-SPEED IMAGE PROCESSING: The CS8550i-51 is designed for TOSHIBA Teli CS8550i-51 1/3'' Type CCD Camera high-speed (30FPS), high resolution performance and can read image information faster using the partial scan mode (1/2 or 1/4 screen)
ALL-PIXEL READOUT: mode permits allpixel signals in the effective area to be output for greater accuracy and speed
SQUARE GRID PIXEL ARRAY: faciliates computation for faster image  processing without blurring
HIGH VERTICAL RESOLUTION:  even under RTS mode (in 1/30 sec), images expereince no deterioration in vertical resolution
ULTRA-COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: camera design solves space restriction problems
RESTART/RESET: function, when set on, lets the camer capture images at any timing given by R.R. pulse input (VD input).


The TOSHIBA Teli CS8550i51 (CS8550i-51) CCD Monochrome Camera is a VGA Monochrome Analog Camera with 30FPS Speed and 1/3'' Type CCD.


Additional Information

Dimensions 29(W) x 29(H) x 39.5(D) mm
Horizontal Resolution 485TV lines (Horizontal)
Lens Mount C-mount
Output Signal  
Power Consumption Approximately 1.4 W
Power Requirements DC12 V +/- 10%
S/N Ratio 52dB(Initial setting)
Sensitivity Standard : 400 lx,F8, Minimum : 2 lx,F1.4(Gain max)
Weight Approx. 50g
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