RGB SPECTRUM LX33S 32/16 Switcher

RGB SPECTRUM LX33S 32/16 Switcher

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RGB Spectrum LX33S 32/16 Linx 3300 CrossxFormat Switcher w/32 RGB/DVI inputs

  • Input/output: 32x16
  • Size (H x W x D): 12.25" x 19" x 17.5"
  • Washable foam filter.


The Linx family of DVI routing switchers expands with the revolutionary Linx 3300S. This breakthrough solution designed for environments along with the two DVI and even legacy analog RGB sources supports both types of signals on every input channel. Analog RGB is internally converted to DVI, processed through the switcher and output as DVI. Unlike various other vendors' solutions that offer 2 separate switchers housed within a single enclosure, the Linx 3300S is a truly integrated solution. The Linx 3300S is a high performance, non-blocking switcher built to simplify system integration. Smaller configurations are field upgradeable. Engineered for the most demanding applications, the Linx 3300S is designed with dual redundant power supplies and offers front-panel, web-based and even serial regulate. A modular architecture simplifies I/O card replacement should it ever be needed.


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