RGB SPECTRUM DSx SD/HD Video Streaming Codec

RGB SPECTRUM DSx SD/HD Video Streaming Codec

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RGB Spectrum DSx SD/HD Video streaming codec

  • Video Inputs: 4 SD video channels, 1 HDMI channel
  • Audio Inputs: 4 Mono, 1 Stereo
  • Audio Outputs: 2 stereo, 1 mono Encode/stream format: H.264 High Profile (Level 4.1), RTSP, Multicast UDP
  • Format: Unprocessed or processed (encoded/decoded) images
  • Enclosure size: 6.6" W x 5.7" D x 1.6" H
  • Power: Power over Ethernet (PoE) (802.3af) or external 9 to 40 VDC power supply.


RGB Spectrum, the industry-leader in IP video streaming and recording engineering, provides the DSx IP video codec with sophisticated H.264 compression. The DSx SD/HD H.264 IP video codec provides an unmatched combination of outstanding image quality, performance and even feature-rich capability. The DSx SD/HD IP video codec encodes and even streams either a single channel of high definition HD 1080p video or even four NTSC/PAL video channels concurrently at up to 30 frames per second each. The IP video codec uses H.264 high profile compression engineering to optimize picture quality with maximum bandwidth efficiency. The IP video codec can easily be used as either an encoder or decoder. As a decoder, the unit can easily display one HD video stream or even as much as four SD video streams within a quad picture. Video streams can additionally be decoded with commercial off-the-shelf PC computer software. When used for encoding, the DSx SD/HD IP video codec offers several video monitoring options: displaying a live image or even a processed (encoded/ decoded) picture full screen or within a quad function.


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