RGB SPECTRUM BP 16PS Ethernet Preset Selector

RGB SPECTRUM BP 16PS Ethernet Preset Selector

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Quick Overview

RGB Spectrum BP 16PS Ethernet Preset Selector

  • Recall up to 16 presets with the touch of a button
  • For Linx, MediaWall, QuadView, SuperView (Except Linx 8x8SP) 
  • Desktop or rackmount operation
  • Direct or network connection
  • Robust 24/7 operation
  • Lighted buttons
  • Fast response
  • Up to 2 units fit in 1RU rackmount kit.


The BP-16™ is a 16 button remote control panel for use with RGB Spectrum products. Two versions are available: the BP-16PS for selecting presets on any Linx™ switcher, MediaWall®, QuadView® or SuperView® product and the BP-16LX for routing inputs and outputs on a Linx 8x8 SP switcher. Ethernet network capability allows the BP-16 to work in a wide variety of control schemes, including a LAN or WAN. Each has its own user configurable IP address and can be used in a network environment or connected directly to a unit. The networkable architecture also allows multiple BP-16 access to the same device. With a unique chassis design, the BP-16 can be mounted in a rack or used on a desktop. Two units fit in a single rack space. The desktop footprint is compact and ergonomic. The switcher’s high quality, push buttons are each back lit by an LED with user-selectable light levels. The BP-16PS allows instant preset selection on most RGB Spectrum View and Wall products, including the QuadView, SuperView, and MediaWall families and all Linx switchers. Removable button caps allow for the use of custom labels to reference specifically named presets if desired. Like all RGB Spectrum products, the BP-16 is designed to operate 24/7, even under the most demanding conditions. The steel chassis and best-available switch assemblies make this a unit that not only performs well, but feels solid and dependable.


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