Kramer VS-44HDXL 21-70686010 3G HD–SDI Matrix Switcher

Kramer VS-44HDXL 21-70686010 3G HD–SDI Matrix Switcher

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Quick Overview

Kramer VS-44HDXL 21-70686010 3G HD-SDI Matrix Switcher features:

  • Max. Data Rate - 3Gbps.
  • HDTV Compatible.
  • Multi-Standard Operation - SDI (SMPTE 259M/344M), HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M), 3G HD-SDI (SMPTE 424M), and dual link HD-SDI (SMPTE 372M).
  • Kramer Equalization & re-Klocking™ Technology - Rebuilds the digital signal to travel longer distances.
  • Switching Synchronization - Synchronizes either to external reference or incoming video.
  • Active Input Type™ Reporting - Each input button on the front panel automatically lights up when the unit detects a video signal on that input. Green indicates a standard definition (SDI) input signal and blue indicates a high-definition (HD-SDI) input signal.
  • Multiple Memory Locations - Stores multiple switches as presets (salvos) to be recalled and executed when needed.
  • Take Button - Executes multiple switches all at once.
  • Analog Sync Type - Bi-level, tri-level.
  • Selectable Sync Signal Termination.


The Kramer VS-44HDXL 21-70686010 is a high-performance matrix switcher for 3G HD-SDI and HD-SDI dual link video signals. The unit can switch any or all inputs to any or all outputs. Switching is implemented during the vertical interval period according to the SMPTE RP-168 standard, when using synchronized digital video sources.


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