PaxeraServer PACS Solution

PaxeraServer PACS Solution

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Quick Overview

PaxeraServer PACS Solution

  • Scalable and Upgradable
  • DICOM 3.0 Compliant
  • Support for HIPAA
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Integrated with RIS/HIS
  • Easy Administration
  • Powerful Patient and Study Management.


Paxeramed PACS solution, PaxeraServer, is a complete; cost effective PACS solution that provide the hospital or the image department with a scalable and upgradable solution to archive patient studies including images, cine-loops, voice notes, reports and patient information. The PaxeraServer solution includes features to archive patients, retrieve studies, print studies, edit patient reports, record voice notes with patient study, and transmit studies over telephone lines or internet. PaxeraServer solution consists of a group of software and hardware components that are specifically chosen to provide the maximum performance and scalability. The software solutions are based on Paxera family of products for medical imaging acquisition and viewing workstations, PaxeraServer dicom server and Paxeramed experience in non-dicom to dicom conversion products.


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