Kramer BC-HDTP-1300 99-09101300 Skew UTP Bulk Cable

Kramer BC-HDTP-1300 99-09101300 Skew UTP Bulk Cable

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The Kramer BC-HDTP-1300 99-09101300 Skew UTP Bulk Cable features:

  • Quality Construction - Durable and flexible CM rated bulk cable. Four pairs of solid 23AWG copper in one jacket. Outer jacket is muted yellow color.
  • Precision Engineered - Four pairs are twisted at the same ratio so the actual length of each is identical. Note that BC−HDTP is not suited for high−speed data or network applications.
  • Optimized for Ultra High-Resolution Video/Audio Signals - Designed to match the hig resolution capability of Cobra's twisted pair hardware of 1920x1200 transmitted over 400m (1300ft). BC-HDTP is also an ideal choice for use with any video over CAT 5/5e twisted pair product, including all of Kramer's non-Cobra models.
  • Ultra Low Skew Performance - Video shift or "skew" is virtually eliminated in long runs because the RGB color signals arrive at the same time. Some skew compensation may still be required on extremely long runs, but the amount is significantly improved because of the ultra low skew design of the BC-HDTP.
  • Two Lengths - Choose from 213/396m (700/1300ft) "reel-in-a-box" style packaging.


Kramer’s BC-HDTP-1300 99-09101300 is an unshielded twisted pair (UTP) type cable designed for use in the most demanding long distance video transmission over CAT 5/5e twisted pair cable applications, and is an ideal companion to Kramer’s Cobra™ twisted pair series transmitter/receiver sets. BC-HDTP resembles typical CAT 5/5e cable, but with internal components optimized for transmission of video/audio signals rather than high-speed data.


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