EIZO UniColor Pro Software

EIZO UniColor Pro Software

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EIZO UniColor Pro Software

  • Color Universal Design Support: UniColor Pro supports color universal design by simulating color blindness in real time.
  • Color Vision Deficiency Simulation in Real Time: UniColor Pro and specific EIZO monitors present a hardware-based solution so they change how content is displayed on screen in real time without affecting the data itself. 
  • Hardware vs. Software Simulation
  • There are two ways to simulate colors. The first is to use software to perform image editing/manipulation on the data itself, and the second is to use hardware that changes how color appears on the monitor's screen.The main difference between these two methods is the amount of time required. 
  • Screen Capture for Increased Efficiency: You can capture an image when any of UniColor Pro's simulation modes are active. You print them out and compare the differences.


EIZO's UniColor Pro software simulates color blindness when used with select EIZO LCD monitors. It allows designers to see how their printed materials, signs, web contents, videos, etc. will appear to those with color blindness.


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