Codonics VIRTUA XR Medical Disc Publisher

Codonics VIRTUA XR Medical Disc Publisher

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Codonics VIRTUA XR Medical Disc Publisher

Virtua XR is a high-speed network-based solution for recording and labeling diagnostic studies onto CD/DVD media. It integrates two CD/DVD drives, a label printer, an easy-to-use touch screen and computer in a compact design. 


  • Fastest recording and labeling time in the medical market
  • Designed to concurrently handle large datasets from the latest modalities
  • Automatically records patient studies without tying up valuable workstation and employee resources
  • On-demand disc creation and labeling directly from PACS workstations
  • Studies can be conveniently viewed using the included DICOM viewer and syngo.plaza viewer
  • Automatic Mode records patient studies to disc directly from a workstation
  • Manual Mode creates customized discs via the easy-to-use touch screen interface or web browser
  • Compliance with DICOM Part 10, IHE PDI and audit logs for HIPAA
  • Compact design occupies just two feet of counter space and eliminates disorganized cables, separate monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • HTTP Web Server for remote control and configuration
  • The scope of supply includes: media starter kit Siemens syngo.plaza viewer Codonics Clarity Viewer.
  • DICOM Structure Reports license for recording of both the report and study together on the same disc.
  • Record by Series license for save referral time by selecting and recording relevant series instead of entire study.
  • Codonics custom label service of one label per system.
  • The first year of SWAP warranty is included. Installation is not included


The Codonics Virtua XR Medical Disc Publisher is a fast, efficient and easy-to-use automatic disc recorder. It records over 60 CDs or 30 DVDs an hour. Virtua XR is specifically designed for today's high-volume imaging applications such as breast MR, PET/CT, MRA and CTA This state-of-the-art medical device is a DICOM-compliant network appliance that can concurrently record and label multiple medical studies onto CD and DVD media. Virtua's compact design includes an advanced embedded processor, robotic disc handling and a world-class touch screen interface that optimizes workflow and productivity. A built-in printer produces full-color disc labels that can be created by the customer or through Codonics exclusive label design service.


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