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The Chromamaxx color LCD series is designed for image stability across devices crucial to diagnostic review and analysis. Available in Black, Ivory or Bronze, the unit is practical in its production of bright, crisp, high contrast images with an air of elegance.

The entire family of Chromamaxx panels has Sync-On-Green capabilities and offers a range of compatibility from low frequency to high frequency – covering the wide range of modality signals used throughout the medical community. The signal range is the broadest of any single display line allowing Chromamaxx to be a direct “plug and play” solution for almost every application currently in use. These units are attractively sleek and thin in design and can handle 24/7 run times.

Chromamaxx provides all of this at a very attractive price point, especially when compared to most legacy CRT replacements. And when you factor in the value of the newer LCD technology and the fact that Ampronix provides a full 3 year warranty on all of its Chromamaxx panels, it becomes almost irresistible to swap out the older CRTs for lighter, more dependable, high-end flat panels.