VIDAR DiagnosticPro Edge Film Digitizer

VIDAR DiagnosticPro Edge Film Digitizer

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  • Film Sizes Width: 7” to 14” (18 cm to 35.6 cm), 3 inch minimum manual feed 
  • Length: 8” to 17” (20 cm to 43 cm , 3 inch minimum manual feed 
  • Single film mode: min. length of 3” (7.6 cm), max. length of 51” (129.5 cm) can be accommodated in single film mode only.
  • Specifications Clinical Optical Density Range: 0.07 to 4.0
  • Bit Depth: 36-bit mapped to 16-bit(65536), 12-bit (4096) and 8-bit (256) grayscale output
  • MTBF: >50,000 hours
  • Auto Film Feeder: Standard 25-film capacity (mixed sized – no presorting necessary) “Light Box” loading: head-up, normal reading, left justified
  • Translation Tables: Linear OD
  • Geometric Accuracy: Better than 1% or 2 pixels, whichever is greater, in both axes 
  • Scan Rate: 400 lines/second 
  • Operating Environment: 50º to 95º F (10º to 35º C), 20% to 85% relative humidity, non-condensing 
  • Storage Environment: 0º to 140º F (-18º to 60º C), 20% to 85% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Illuminator: LED Illuminator; >500,000 scans
  • Detector: Solid-state, next-generation High Definition CCD (HD-CCD®)
  • Interface USB 2.0
  • Dimensions With Feeder & Exit Tray: 18” W x 17.5” D x 24.5” H (457mm x 445mm x 622 mm)
  • Weight 25 lbs. (11.3kg); shipping weight: 35 lbs. (15.9 kg)
  • Power Requirements Voltage: 85~264 Vac Frequency: 47~63 Hz Power: < 48 Watts
  • 1 year warranty
  • Part No: 19523
  • *Software sold separately.


VIDAR's DiagnosticPRO® Edge film digitizer takes the highest reliability, image quality and consistency of any digitizer on the market to the next level of performance. At double the scanning speed it allows for more studies in half the time. With its DUAL USE function, DiagnosticPRO Edge offers all-in-one flexibility – in addition to PACS it can be used in facilities that now or in the future will support digitization of mammography priors. If you have a file room supporting PACS and low-volume mammography applications, the 44-micron spot size and 4.0 OD DiagnosticPRO Advantage will be key in the digital transition.

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