VIDAR Dental Film Digitizer

VIDAR Dental Film Digitizer

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Quick Overview

Clinically Proven Image Quality

  • Clinical studies at leading institutions such as Johns Hopkins University and the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology have demonstrated an effective clinical comparison between film and VIDAR's digitized images, even in demanding applications like mammography where native resolution may approach 16+ LP/mm.

Multiple Benefits

  • Digitizes panoramic film for cost-effective integration into the patient’s digital record
  • Provides high quality images, for primary diagnostic reading and fast scanning (18 seconds for a panoramic film)
  • Digitizes patient films from other referral facilities or for consultation
  • Digitizes prior patient files so that file space can be reclaimed and used for other purposes
  • Increases insurance claims approval and payment. 


Specialized Medical Device for Digitizing X-ray Films

Paper scanning is an office task and can be done with general office equipment. Medical film digitizing is an imaging procedure governed by medical and industry regulations. VIDAR's Dental Film Digitizer is specifically tailored for dental applications and is the only digitizer that meets U.S. and European guidelines for dental applications. Digital images can now legally replace the original x-ray film. Special attention must be paid to the unique challenges of accurately and reliably visualizing the details in medical films – an opinion and/or decision will be made about patient care based on these images. VIDAR employs specialized optics to deliver quality results specifically for transmissive materials such as x-rays, not reflective media. The Dental Film Digitizer is designed to accurately render the full grayscale data with minimal noise throughout the specified grayscale density range, and has a unique ADC (Automatic Digitizer Calibration) feature that ensures excellent grayscale reproduction.

The Dental unit comes with its own TWAIN software for Windows 7 that is designed to plug into Dental practice management software from companies like Dentrix, Kodak and Patient Gallery, and produce TIFF images of the Pans, Cephs and Bitewing films.

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