VIDAR Clinical Express Mammography

VIDAR Clinical Express Mammography

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DMSE00608MRI Digitizing software for Mammography Priors. Software can be used with a Vidar digitizer to scan mammography films for sending to PACS. This allows the radiologist to compare new and old mammography images. Vidar Clinical Express software version 6.1. Vidar CLINICAL Express® software license for Mammography VIDAR 17198.


Vidar CLINICALExpress® software license for Mammography can be purchased for the Vidar CADPRO® Advantage Vidar Digitizer. It can be purchased and added to the Vidar DiagnosticPRO® digitizer if the General Radiology software is already installed. This software provides DICOM SCU mammography object (storage class user) services for digitization of standard mammography films (18 x 24 cm and 24 x 30cm), creation of DICOM 3.0 image files and communication of DICOM images over networks to other DICOM 3.0 compliant products (mammography storage class providers such as workstations and PACS). The price includes one software license and a one-year warranty on the software. We are currently shipping Clinical Express version 6.1, but licensing for older versions may be available. Please contact us for details. **Please Note: This package DOES NOT INCLUDE the DICOM modality worklist (MWL) functionality and DOES NOT INCLUDE Portable Data for Imaging (DICOM CD and DVD read and write) functionality, these are optional purchases in addition to the base software package. The Vidar Film Digitizer, PC hardware, Windows OS and installation are not included. This version of Clinical Express is for Mammography Films only and will NOT allow the scanning of General Radiography Films like MRI, CT, X-Ray or Ultrasound. This software Requires Windows™ 7 or Windows XP Professional SP3.

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