USEI DICOM Cal-012 Calibration Kit

USEI DICOM Cal-012 Calibration Kit

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Quick Overview

USEI DICOM CAL012 (Cal-012) Calibration Kit

  • Designed To Meet DICOM Part14 Standard
  • Calibration function to accurately adjust gamma, color temperature, and luminance according to the Grayscale Standard Display Function (GSDF) defined by DICOM Part 14.
  • Graphical Presentation Of Calibration Results
  • Calibration results are shown not only numerically but also graphically providing quick and easy visual summaries.
  • Calibration History Management
  • Calibration history is saved separately for each display and instant access is provided for previous calibration records.
  • Built In Test Patterns For Easy Visual Examination
  • Various test patterns are available for simple visual examination of display characteristics.


USEI DICOM CAL012 (Cal-012) Calibration Kit Features.

  • Calibration to meet DICOM GSDF
  • Display Inspection in current maximum luminance and gamma
  • Test Pattern for visual examination of display characteristics
  • Model Name: Chroma5 (X-Rite)
  • Dynamic Range: 0.5 – 1000cd/m², ± 0.005 (X, Y)
  • Measurement Time: < 4.1 seconds
  • IBM PC/AT compatible machine
  • Windows Vista / Windows XP SP2 / Windows 2000 SP4
  • Display Calibration software CD-ROM
  • Calibration sensor Chroma-5
  • Counter weight
  • Adhesive gelatin pad.


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