TOSHIBA Teli CSGX36CC3 CCD Color Camera

TOSHIBA Teli CSGX36CC3 CCD Color Camera

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TOSHIBA Teli CSGX36CC3 GiantDragon Color GigE Camera.

GigE VISION™ INTERFACE: GiantDragon™ cameras comply with the GigE Vision™ interface standard. Cameras transfer 1Gbps, 10bit and noncompressed image data at speeds up to 90 frames per second over Gigabit Ethernet interface. GiantDragon cameras are compatible with standard Gigabit Ethernet hardware and cables (Cat5e or Cat6) up to 100 meters.
NINE VERSIONS AVAILABLE: To meet the needs of system integrators and OEMs GiantDragon cameras come in nine color and monochrome models, ranging from VGA to UXGA resolution.Housings for each camera are identical, measuring a compact 44mm x 29mm x 70mm (W X H x D) and utilizing C-mount lenses, allowing for easy integration and interchanges.
HIGH PERFORMANCE FEATURES: Designed for high performance in a range of applications, GiantDragon cameras feature progressive scan, Region of Interest readout (partial scan), shock/vibration resistance, random shutter mode, and RoHS compliance.


1024 pixels x 768 pixels, 1/3" PS IT CCD, 36 fps, Gigabit Ethernet Camera. Available in Color.

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