TOSHIBA Teli CSGS15BC23 Color and B/W Camera

TOSHIBA Teli CSGS15BC23 Color and B/W Camera

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TOSHIBA Teli CSGS15BC23 GiantDragon GigE Camera.

Ultra-compact & light-weight camera body: The camera body is 44(W)x29(H)x70(D)mm, which frees the user from integration-space-problems. In addition, the cameras have excellent shock and vibration resistance.
Adopting Gigabit Ethernet interface: (IEEE802.3ab), high-speed image signal output is possible. Image data is transferred at 1Gbps, 10bit and non-compressed image.
All-Pixel-Data-Readout: With its built-in all-pixel-data-readout CCD, this series can read out image data in approximately 1/90 seconds (VGA) to 1/15 seconds (UXGA).
Full Frame Shutter: A frame shutter reads out all the data even under Random Trigger Shutter mode.


The CSG Series cameras are available in B/W and color models with resolutions ranging from VGA to UXGA quality (9 models total). The band width allows the camera to transfer the image data at 1Gbps so this series also can achieve high frame rate with the advantage of GigE vision interface. Plus supporting scalable mode and random shutter mode, it is suitable to install various kinds of machine vision application.


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