Sony VCL-0737W Wide Conversion Lens

Sony VCL-0737W Wide Conversion Lens

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Quick Overview

Sony VCL0737W (VCL-0737W) Wide Conversion Lens

  • about 0.7 times wide conversion lens of BRC-300 only
  • Magnification: about 0.7 times
  • Lens construction: 3 groups four
  • Dimensions: about 67 (maximum diameter) × 47 (total length) mm
  • Weight: about 196g


The Sony VCL0737W (VCL-0737W) is a wide-conversion lens designed for the BRC-300 broadband remote camera. The lens provides a larger field of view than the stock lens can produce and is useful in scenarios where users need to see more of the surveyed environment at once.


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