Sony UP-D70XR Digital Medical Printer (Refurbished)

Sony UP-D70XR Digital Medical Printer (Refurbished)

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  • This product has been replaced by UP-D71XR
  • High-speed printing
  • DICOM network-able utilizing the optional UPA-D3 Digital Print Server
  • Gray balance adjustment
  • Detachable dust filter
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Complies with medical regulations
  • 6 Media Choices - UPC-8810, UPC-8820, UPC-741, UPT-731BL, UPT-731CL or UPC-8817


Image capture and analysis are vital to the use of nuclear, MRI, CT scan and radiation systems in medicine. The Sony UP-D70XR Digital Medical Printer is designed to achieve optimum print quality from digital medical modalities with both co lour and grayscale outputs. X-ray images are reproduced superbly by the new Sony UPT-730BL Blue Thermal Transparent Film, because of its high density and high transparency. Alternatively, you can print by using a UPC-8810 Color Printing Pack, which provides over 16 million color tones to give photo-realistic quality. The Sony UP-D70XR complies with the DICOM standard (with an optional UPA-D3 Digital Print Server) and can be connected to the DICOM network solution. Using Sony dry processing technology, the UP-D70XR is environmental friendly. It does not use liquid chemicals, so there are no problems with chemical waste. With its outstanding, high quality images and superb color reproduction, the Sony UP-D70XR can be used for any medical/scientific application or radiology solutions with a digital interface, and for archiving or educational purposes. This model has been discontinued. The replacement model for this unit is the UP-D71XR.


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Warranty 1 Year
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