Sony UPA-D3 Digital Print Server (Refurbished)

Sony UPA-D3 Digital Print Server (Refurbished)

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Quick Overview

Sony UPAD3 (UPA-D3) Digital Print Server

  • DICOM 3.0 compliant print server
  • Connectivity of up to six Sony SCSI printers
  • TCP/IP Ethernet compatible
  • Sophisticated color matching system (Color LUT) can be customized by manufacturer and modality
  • Works with the UP-D5600MD, UP-D70XR and UP-D70A.


The Sony UPAD3 (UPA-D3) Digital Print Server incorporates DICOM 3.0 compliant software to provide multi-modality connectivity between DICOM compliant medical imaging equipment/manufacturers and selected Sony Medical printers. In addition, the UPA-D3 supports Windows remote printing of a wide variety of Windows compatible image files. The Sony Digital Print Server is completely flexible. It is an external peripheral that connects to Sony SCSI printers, the Sony UP-D70A, Sony UP-D70XR or the Sony UP-D5600MD Digital Color Printers. For complete flexibility, the print server has the capability to daisy chain up to six Sony printers. The Sony UPA-D3 Digital Print Server uses industry standard TCP/IP protocols to provide connectivity to DICOM compliant medical equipment.


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