B&W Sony UP-910 Printer (Refurbished)

B&W Sony UP-910 Printer (Refurbished)

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  • This product has been replaced by UP-980
  • High quality 182 x 140mm (7 1/4 x 5 5/8) print in normal scan mode
  • Horizontal resolution of 768 dots
  • A full size image can be printing out in about 20 seconds
  • The memory function can be selected between Frame and Field
  • Accessories: UPP-216HD, UPP-216SE media and FS-20 Foot Switch


The Sony UP910 (UP-910) video hardcopy printer is a powerful tool, offering easy-to-use, high speed and cost efficient ways to capture a video image for reviewing, proofing and archiving. Video is used in a variety of industries such as laboratory research, scientific analysis, security fields as well as video production. Sony’s UP-910 monochrome video graphic printer provides large high quality prints in only 20 seconds. Various print modes such as normal scan or wide scan, 4:3 aspect ratio or 1:1 aspect ratio can be selected to accommodate different video systems.


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Printer Type B&W
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Warranty 1 Year
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