Sony SVO-9500MD4 Recorder (Refurbished)

Sony SVO-9500MD4 Recorder (Refurbished)

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Sony SVO9500MD4 (SVO-9500MD4) S-VHS Medical Videocassette Recorder/Player with 34-Pin Interface Board Installed


Sony SVO9500MD4 (SVO-9500MD4) compact design (approximately 10.6"w x 5.6" h x 14.5" d), digital frame memory (field/frame selectable, 8-bit depth) allows noiseless, crystal clear "freeze", built-in time base corrector produces stable color playback clarity in freeze, normal play and jog/shuttle modes, outstanding luminance and chrominance performance, optional RS-232C serial interface available, remote control with jog/shuttle available via optional SVRM-100AA, "IzzitOn?" (record tally) functional with SMEPVMSTATSVO cable, quick response to all operational commands, simplified user friendly front panel, selectable hi-fi audio, auto head cleaning mechanism, automatic search to end of last recording on tape, industrial grade transport mechanism.


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Recording Video Format No
Recording Audio Format No
Recording Media No
Input connectors No
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Other Interfaces No
Power Requirements No
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