Sony PVM-1953MD CRT (Refurbished)

Sony PVM-1953MD CRT (Refurbished)

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Quick Overview

Sony PVM-1953MD CRT Monitor Color Endoscopy crt Monitor

  • This product is EOL. Please contact us for repair services.
  • 19 inch color video monitor for medical use
  • 600 lines of horizontal resolution
  • componet inputs 2 channels RGB or Y/C
  • Underscan, overscan and normal scan modes
  • Splash-proof panels.


Sony CRT Display Monitor also designed for use in medical applications, the Sony PVM-1953MD Monitor provides the exceptional clarity and color fidelity required for endoscopy, ultrasound, surgical and laboratory microscopy. This medical monitor is UL 2601-1 classified and offers an HR (High Resolution) Trinitron picture tube, in addition to compatibility with NTSC and PAL color systems. The design, incorporating knob controls, splash guards, and on-screen menus, provides flexibility and easier access to monitor setup. Sony has discontinued production of the Sony PVM-1953MD Endoscopy Monitor, the Sony PVM-20L2MD is a replacement for this model. Does your Sony PVM-1953MD need service or repair? Email or call us for a repair quote or we can help recommend a replacement if it is more cost effective for you.


Additional Information

Screen Size 19 Inches
Display Area  
Resolution 600 TV lines
Aspect Ratio  
Scan Rates Overscan: 20% overscan of CRT effective screen area Normal scan: 7% overscan of CRT effective screen area Underscan: 5% underscan of CRT effective screen area
Video Input Signals BNC connector 1V p-p +6dB, sync negative
User Controls  
Dimensions Approx. 450x457.5x503mm (W/H/D) (17 314 x 18 118 x 19 718 inches)
Weight 30 kg (66 Ib 2 oz.)
Power Requirements 120V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption Approx. 115W
Supplied Accessories AC power cord, AC plug holder, Splash-proof Panels , Front Panel Cover, Remote Control Connector 8-pin mini DIN, Interface Manual for Programmers
Warranty 3 years parts and labor 2 years CRT