19 Inch Sony PVM-1943MD CRT Monitor (Refurbished)

19 Inch Sony PVM-1943MD CRT Monitor (Refurbished)

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Quick Overview

Sony PVM-1943MD Color Endoscopy Monitor (Refurbished)

  • This product is EOL. Please contact us for repair services.
  • 19 inch color video monitor for medical use
  • 600 lines of horizontal resolution
  • componet inputs 2 channels RGB or Y/C
  • Underscan, overscan and normal scan modes
  • Splash-proof panels.


Designed specifically for use in medical applications, the Sony PVM-1943MD monitor provides the exceptional clarity and color fidelity required for endoscopy, ultrasound, surgical and laboratory microscopy. This medical monitor offers a HR (High Resolution) Trinitron picture tube. The design, incorporating knob controls, splash guards and on-screen menus, provides flexibility and easier access to monitor setup. Sony has discontinued production of the Sony PVM-1943MD Endoscopy Monitor, the Sony PVM-20L2MD is a replacement for this model. Does your Sony PVM-1943MD need service or repair? Email or call us for a repair quote or we can help recommend a replacement if it is more cost effective for you.


Additional Information

Screen Size 19 Inches
Display Area  
Aspect Ratio  
Scan Rates  
Video Input Signals  
User Controls  
Power Requirements  
Power Consumption  
Supplied Accessories  
Warranty 1 Year