Sony HVOAUDIOKIT Audio Narration Kit

Sony HVOAUDIOKIT Audio Narration Kit

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Sony HVOAUDIOKIT Audio Narration Kit for the Sony HVO-500MD HD Recorder and HVO-550MD DVD Recorder

  • Rane Microphone Amplifer
  • Sony ECM-673 Microphone
  • XLR/RCS Adapter
  • XLR male to XLR female cable
  • RCA/RCA Y Cable


The Sony HVOAUDIOKIT gives the HVO-500/550MD an audio feature enabling an audio track to be recorded onto a DVD as the video is being recorded. This feature can later be used for review, and training purposes. Kit includes a high-quality microphone amplifier with a wide dynamic range and exceptionally low noise and a Sony electric condenser-type shotgun microphone designed for maximum pick-up while minimizing side signal and noise.


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