Sony BKM16R (BKM-16R) Monitor Control Unit

Sony BKM16R (BKM-16R) Monitor Control Unit

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Sony BKM16R (BKM-16R) Monitor Control Unit

  • New Modular Monitor Control Unit: The control unit for the BVM-L Series monitor. It also can control the BVM-A Series monitors. This Monitor Control Unit can be attached below the BVM-L Series monitor using the optional Controller Attachment Stand, the BKM-37H, or connected remotely via an Ethernet cable.
  • Same Operational Convenience as the BVM-CRT series: SCAN, H/V Delay, MONO, APT, COMB, CHAR OFF, COL TEMP, 16:9, NATIVE SCAN, BLUE ONLY, RGB OFF, MARKER, CHROMA UP, MANUAL Adjustment: 19-inch EIA standard 19-inch rack mountable
  • The rack mount brackets and screws are supplied.


Monitor Control Unit for BVM-L Series monitors and BVM-A Series monitors


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