Sony AWS750 (AWS-750) Live Content Producer

Sony AWS750 (AWS-750) Live Content Producer

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Sony AWS750 (AWS-750) Anycast Touch Live Content Producer

Video Switcher
Up to six inputs including HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, RGB, and/or Composite inputs
Audio Mixer
Up to five audio inputs can be mixed using the secondary touch panel.
Real-time Web Streaming
Flash® H.264 web streaming to an external streaming server of program or auxiliary output.
Program Recording
Record a minimum of 10 hours of PGM output to the built-in solid state drive (SSD) in high resolution
Text and Title Character Generator
Operators can easily and quickly generate text, in 10 languages, to overlay onto the program output with the built-in touch-screen keyboard on the secondary touch panel.
Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera Control
The Anycast Touch allows operators to easily control one or more compatible pan/tilt/zoom cameras at remote locations.
Clip Playback
Use recorded and imported content as a video source during live productions.
Scene Operation
Operators can create up to 99 pre-built templates that incorporate titles, logos, transition effects and different sources which can be called upon with a simple touch of a button.
High Resolution Display Incorporated
All-in-one style system displays sources for input and streaming for simple operation.


Ultra-portable and easy-to-use all-in-one live production solution

The AWS-750 Anycast Touch is a compact, affordable, all-in-one live production solution with intuitive touch panel operation. Anycast Touch instantly makes live production accessible to anyone who requires live broadcasting or webcasting. The portable system is designed to be incredibly easy to use. With no previous live production experience required, it is ideal for a wide range of users, such as houses of worship, educational and government institutions, corporate organizations and event management companies. And as you can expect from Sony, Anycast Touch offers clear and detailed pictures for live production. Anycast Touch eliminates the need for any of the hardware typically required for professional live streaming. It includes a video switcher, streaming encoder, video recorder, audio mixer, clip player, remote camera controller and titler that supports ten languages. The Anycast Touch allows for seamless video mixing between a number of video sources in a variety of formats. You can record ten hours of video and audio on the internal SSD, create and add graphics elements to the image, control connected remote BRC cameras (pan, tilt and zoom), perform multiple effects and wipes to enhance the production and instantly stream the output over a WAN or the Internet. Additionally, a fully functioned five-channel audio mixer is provided for a separate audio mix. The Anycast Touch enables intuitive, easy operation, and eliminates the cumbersome setup and signal adjustment process typically required when connecting various devices. Users can also store the setup information of all attached video sources, such as the camera input, title data, and transition effects. Additionally, scene lists can be prepared beforehand, allowing users to simply switch scenes during an event with just a single tap.


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