Sony AC-110MD AC Adaptor

Sony AC-110MD AC Adaptor

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Adaptor specifically designed for medical monitors. The Sony AC-110MD (AC110MD) increases the usability of the LMD-1951MD, LMD-2451MD, PVM-2551MD and LMD-3250MDmedical grade LCD monitors by enabling them to operate wherever AC power is available.


The Sony AC-110MD (AC110MD) AC adaptor is specifically designed for medical monitors, working with LMD-1951MD, LMD-2451MD, PVM-2551MD and LMD-3250MD. It allows these monitors to operate wherever AC power is available. The adaptor is approximately 95.2 mm wide by 264.8 mm high by 54.5 mm deep. It operates at AC IN: 100V-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.53A-0.58A and DC OUT: 24V 5 0A 5V 0 060A.


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