RGB SPECTRUM SV 4100 SuperView Multiviewer

RGB SPECTRUM SV 4100 SuperView Multiviewer

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Quick Overview

SuperView 4100 Multiviewer, Flexible and Reliable Multi-Window Processing

  • Up to 24 RGB, DVI/HDMI or 3G/HD-SDI inputs
  • 1 output with up to 8 scalable windows
  • Full range of input and output formats
  • Single or dual-link DVI outputs
  • Dynamic window scaling
  • DVI input cable equalization
  • Pan and zoom, titles and borders
  • Programmable presets
  • On screen cursor control
  • HDCP compliant
  • Integrated KVM options.


With RGB Spectrum’s renowned image processing as the foundation, the SuperView® 4100 Multiviewer builds on the power of the QuadView® HDx to offer eight scalable windows and complete layout flexibility. The SuperView 4100 multiviewer accepts eight DVI, HDMI or RGB inputs. With plug-and-play ease, the multi-window processor supports a full range of input and output resolutions. Users can also create custom files for non-standard resolutions. A dual-link output option is available; with this option, the multiviewer can process dual-link outputs up to 2560x1600, for compatibility with dual-link capable monitors and projectors. The SuperView 4100 multiviewer offers a full array of features that include smooth pan and zoom functionality, custom borders, titling, window priority and programmable presets. With superb scaling built-in, images can be displayed anywhere on screen, in any size or aspect ratio. In addition to the dual-link output option, other available options for the multiviewer include a redundant power supply, HDCP support and RGB Spectrum’s patented SinglePoint™ KvM. This unique option builds on traditional KVM technology to enable a single user to control all source computers displayed on the multiviewer with a single keyboard and mouse.


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