RGB SPECTRUM QuadView HDx Multiviewer

RGB SPECTRUM QuadView HDx Multiviewer

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Quick Overview

RGB Spectrum QuadView HDx Multiviewer The Original Multi-window Processor

  • 8 inputs1 output
  • 4 windows + live background
  • Full range of input and output formats
  • Real-time, dynamic window scaling
  • DVI input cable equalization
  • Pan and zoom, titles and borders
  • Programmable presets
  • On screen cursor control
  • HDCP compliant
  • Integrated KVM option
  • NTSC/PAL input option. 


RGB Spectrum's QuadView® HDx and HDxv Multiviewers set the industry standard for powerful multi-window processing in a compact 1RU chassis. Combining real-time processing with outstanding screen image quality and unmatched features, these multiviewers are ideal for mission-critical applications requiring the display of multiple images on a single monitor or projection screen.The QuadView HDx multiviewer accepts up to eight high resolution DVI, RGB, and HD video signals, any four of which can be displayed simultaneously in user-configurable windows. As standard, the multi-window processor includes a DVI background channel for live or still background images. An optional feature, RGB Spectrum’s patented SinglePointTM KvM, allows operators to control all displayed source computers with a single keyboard and mouse. Both multi-window processors also offer an HDCP option that allows protected high-definition content to be displayed.
QuadView HDx and HDxv multiviewers are easy to set up and control, using either a standard web browser to access RGB Spectrum’s intuitive Web Control Panel (WCP), or using a command line interface through the RS-232 or Ethernet port. Building on RGB Spectrum's long tradition of quality and reliability, QuadView HDx and HDxv multiviewers provide outstanding solutions for multi-window video and graphic display requirements — ideal for use in even the most demanding mission-critical applications.


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