RGB SPECTRUM LX32S 32/16 DVI Switcher

RGB SPECTRUM LX32S 32/16 DVI Switcher

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RGB Spectrum LX32S 32/16 DVI Switcher

  • Input/output (max): 32x16
  • Size (H x W x D): 10" x 19" x 22"
  • Washable foam filter.


The Linx 3200S DVI matrix switcher is a high performance, non-blocking switcher designed to simplify system integration. Each unit delivers pure digital media switching and even routing of DVI signals with full pixel reclocking. When combined along with digital signal solutions, digital displays and cabling, this digital media switcher enables fully digital end-to-end signal distribution. Each DVI input accepts signals up to 1920 x 1200 and 2048 x 1152. A modular architecture simplifies I/O card replacement should it ever be needed. In addition to switching video, the Linx 3200S DVI matrix switcher supports pass-through EDID. This digital media switcher also provides programmable or even manual override of EDID with Total EDID Manager . The Total EDID Manager is a highly advanced product that provides the user a preference among fixed, pass-through or emulated EDID. HDCP is also supported, allowing these digital media switchers to handle content-protected HDMI signals. Any sort of HDCP encoded signal can easily be routed to as much as 16 outputs concurrently.


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