RGB SPECTRUM LX32F 32/32 Fiber Switcher

RGB SPECTRUM LX32F 32/32 Fiber Switcher

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Quick Overview

RGB Spectrum LX32F 32/32 Linx 3200F fiber switcher w/32 fiber inputs & 32 fiber outputs

  • Input: 2 channel DVI single link
  • Output: 2 channel DVI single link
  • Resolution: Up to 1920x1200 and 2048x1152
  • Fiber type: Multimode 50m or 62.5m
  • Number of fibers: 1
  • Size (H x W x D): 10" x 19" x 17.5" 7U
  • Washable foam filter.


Based on the Linx DVI family of switcher, the F series provides all the advantages of sophisticated EDID management and HDCP compliance plus the ability to run over a single fiber up to 500m. Each modular I/O card features two independent channels along with SC connectors used within conjunction with our FiberDVI extender transmit and even receive modules located at signal solutions and displays. In addition to high screen resolution video, a supplemental bi-directional data channel supports the Data Display screen Channel (DDC). This is in which the EDID and HDCP data travel, allowing the product to take advantage with the Linx switcher's unique EDID management capabilities, including EDID capture and even EDID pass through. HDCP compliance allows the switching and even transmission of protected content coming from devices including Blu-Ray disc players and even PCs along with HDMI outputs. Best in class optical conversion and pixel reclocking of the signal provides the sharpest possible image and even all over a single multimode fiber optic cable.


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