RGB SPECTRUM HY 308 Scaler and Format Converter

RGB SPECTRUM HY 308 Scaler and Format Converter

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RGB Spectrum HY 308 Hydra 308, Multi Channel Scaler and Format Converter

  • Control: Serial RS-232, Network Ethernet TCP/IP, Command line and graphical user interface
  • Audio: Digital audio Embedded HDMI audio: stereo, 5.1, 7.1
  • Dimensions: 19"W x 16"D, x 3.5"H.


The RGB Spectrum Hydra 308 is a multi-channel scaler and format converter. It features 8 3G/HD-SDI inputs, and 8 DVI outputs. This multi-purpose unit features include scaling and format conversion and pan and zoom capabilities. Switching is internal and will allow any input to be routed to multiple processors, providing multiple outputs, each with a unique scaling, format, and pan and zoom. They Hydra replaces the Quadra and offers multiple features in 1 space saving 2RU box that has only 1 control interface, and 1 power cord.


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