RealVision LumiCal PCS

RealVision LumiCal PCS

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Quick Overview

RealVision LumiCal PCS (Portable Calibration Sensor)

  • Wide dynamic range for luminance (0.1cd/m²~1000cd/m²)
  • Provides high reading precision even under room light environment by using a condensing lens
  • Sensor arm is opened only during measuring period
  • No power supply required (Power supplied from USB interface, Bus Power Hub can't be used)


The LumiCal PCS is the portable Calibration Sensor (PCS) capable of attaching to most LCD monitors. It enables to display the calibrated medical images on most LCD monitors including PC monitors by the combination of LumiCal and display card from RealVision. Except for calibration period, luminance sensor intergrated in arm doesn't hide the screen of LCD monitor and it only appears on the screen surface for the measurement. Automatic monitor calibration without operator is possible by connecting LumiCal PCS to a monitor through USB. LumiCal PCS supports the following functions: reading the luminance of monitor screen (RGB), automatic read, reading the luminance of ambient light (Lx), setting for reading time and reading, setting the limitation time for automatic reading, zero calibration, commands for arm open, arm close and get arm status, reading model name, serial number and software version.


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