Radlink LaserPro 16 Digitizer

Radlink LaserPro 16 Digitizer

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  • This product is EOL and replaced by Diagnostic Pro Edge. Please contact us for repair services.

System Specifications

  • Laser Type
  • Solid State 658 nm
  • Sealed Fiber-Optic path (no optical cleaning or adjustment required)

Optical Density Range

  • 0.0 to 4.0


  • Perfect Geometry to +/- one pixel, X and Y axis over the entire film


  • Up to 3072 pixels per scan line
  • (166-micron pixels)
  • 16-bit grayscale


  • Interface to Host - USB
  • DICOM - Storage SC

Scan Specifications Assuming a 14" x 17" film

  • 1K Scan Mode: 1,000 pixles across the top (14") is 71dpi and will result in a 14x17 film being scanned to a 1.3mp image and will take 13 seconds to complete!
  • 2K Scan Mode: 2,000 pixles across the top (14") is 143dpi and will result in a 14x17 film being scanned to a 5.3mp image and will take 26 seconds to complete! This is the "standard" mode.
  • 3K Scan Mode: 3,000 pixles across the top (14") is 214dpi and will result in a 14x17 film being scanned to a 12mp image and will take 39 seconds to complete!


The Radlink LaserPro 16 is a high-performance, small footprint laser film digitizer designed for primary diagnostic applications that demand high accuracy digital image reproduction. The digitizer accepts film up to 14" x 52" (355cm x 1320cm). The LaserPro 16 offers all of the inherent advantages of laser film digitizers with excellent optical density and precise spatial resolution. The LaserPro 16 digitizer offers high-contrast sensitivity over a wide optical density range. This provides accurate capture of subtle image detail even in dark or overexposed film images. Please Note: Mammography films scanned with this unit may be stored ONLY. This unit is not approved for Mammography diagnostic purposes. Consistent Image Quality Utilizing Sealed Optic laser technology, the Laser Pro 16 is designed to provide consistently high image quality without the downtime and expense of periodic cleanings and adjustments associated with conventional laser digitizers, for the life of the scanner. The LaserPro 16 delivers the performance, image quality and reliability expected from a high-end laser digitizer, at an affordable price made possible by our innovative Sealed Optic scan technology. Resolution and Geometry Film images are converted to high-resolution digital images of up to 3072 x 3850 pixels over a 14" x 17" film. 16-Bit digitization provides precise grayscale accuracy throughout an optical density range of 0.0 to 4.0. Only a laser digitizer can deliver this high degree of precision. The LaserPro 16 is the best choice for high-resolution PACS and Teleradiology applications where diagnostic quality is imperative. Only the LaserPro 16's "sealed optic" technology provides "point source illumination" at each discrete pixel site. Image geometry is perfect to within +/- one pixel from film corner-to-corner. Point source illumination also maximizes low contrast sensitivity ensuring accurate capture of subtle image features characteristic of chest films. Film Auto Loader Radlink's 8-film auto loader maximizes staff productivity. The trouble-free bin-load design virtually eliminates film jams and misfeeds and the hinged loading trays provide quick-and-easy operation.


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