Edan Acclarix AX4 Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Edan Acclarix AX4 Diagnostic Ultrasound System

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Quick Overview

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The Acclarix AX4 ultrasound system is a high fidelity, high channel count, compact, premium imaging platform featuring:

  • 64 physical channels for exceptional system performance
  • 15-inch HD Monitor with hard glass that swivels and angles for optimal viewing
  • Extended battery operation making it ideal for use in any care environment
  • Full-sealed, easy to clean control panel to aid in infection control
  • Dual gesture driven touch screens for easy and efficient operation
  • An integrated 500GB hard drive and 4 USB ports to archive images

The standard system configuration includes:

  • Tissue Adaptive Imaging
  • Harmonic imaging
  • Spatial compound imaging
  • eSRI (Speckle reduction imaging)
  • Color Doppler/Power Doppler/Directional Power Doppler Imaging
  • Pulsed Wave Doppler
  • *System ships with Starter Kit

Advanced Funtions Available Upon Request

  • Static 3D
  • Real-Time 4D
  • CW
  • Panaroma
  • HPRF
  • DICOM Storgage
  • Needle visualization
  • IMT
  • PW one-key optimization *FDA pending
  • WIFI
  • Measurement in Panorama *FDA Pending

Comprehensive measurement and calculation packages available

  • Shared Service (including all the measurement packages, except pediatric measurement package, Pediatric, Testicle Measure, Seminal Measure and TCD preset)
  • Gynecological measurement package
  • Obstetrics measurement package
  • Vascular measurement package
  • Urological measurement package
  • Cardiac measurement package
  • Small Parts measurement package
  • Testicle Measure
  • Seminal Measure
  • Pediatric
  • Pediatric measurement  package
  • Adult cephalic application (TCD Preset)


Based on Edan’s flagship Acclarix AX8 the Acclarix AX4 incorporates the same Silicon Valley innovation and design expertise in a more affordable package. Exceptional processing power results in outstanding image quality.​

Within its sleek footprint, the AX4 is a fully featured, high-performance ultrasound system with advanced imaging technologies, dual touch screens and a gesture-control user interface. Next-generation transducers support a wide range of clinical applications. Highly portable you can take the system anywhere it is needed.

  • Tissue Adaptive Imaging TAI – Edan’s proprietary imaging technology
  • eSRI Speckle Reduction Imaging
  • Panoramic Imaging
  • Needle VisualizationTechnology
  • Auto IMT automated IMT measurement
  • 3D/4D capability

Optional Accessories Available

  • Needle Guide Bracket for convex transducer C5-2Q, BGK-C5-2
  • Needle Guide Bracket for linear transducer L12-5Q, BGK-L40UB *CE Pending
  • Needle Guide Bracket for Micro-convex array transducer MC8-4Q, BGK-R15UB
  • Needle Guide Bracket for transvaginal transducer E8-4Q, BGK-CR10UA
  • Needle Guide Bracket for phased array transducer P5-1XQ, BGK-P5-1X
  • MT-807 Trolley (For medical use)
  • Battery Option: main battery
  • Flash Disk (Netac,4G, USB2.0 Protocol)
  • AC-DC adapter
  • Ultrasound gel (not for FDA)
  • Footswitch, FS-81-SP-USB
  • Footswitch, FS-81-SP(Twin)-USB
  • Travelling Case
  • MTC - 801 (Multi Transducer connector)

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