Scanmaxx 4KSC45P 4K Medical Video Scaler

Scanmaxx 4KSC45P 4K Medical Video Scaler

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Quick Overview

Ampronix Scanmaxx 4KSC45P 4K Medical Video Signal Scaler

  • Video Input Connection - HDMI, SDI x4
  • Video Output Connections - HDMI, SDI x4


Ampronix introduces the Scanmaxx 4KSC45P medical video scaler

Scanmaxx 4KSC45P is a medical 4K scaler which provides an easy bridge for compatibility and has the capacity to convert incoming HDMI single-plug or SDI (x4) upscaled to 4K.

Real time signal conversion provides a clear and uninterrupted picture, allowing for preview and recording of still or streaming images

Scanmaxx 4KSC45P is the premier auto-sync medical video converter to upscale images for 8 megapixel technology. This is compatible with the Sony HVO-4000MT recorder.


Additional Information

Product Spec Sheet Brochure, Quick Step Guide