Perkins PKP-02721-003 Down Scan Converter (Refurbished)

Perkins PKP-02721-003 Down Scan Converter (Refurbished)

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Quick Overview

  • Converts high-line Interlaced or progressive video formats to low-line Interlaced video formats
  • Advanced design assures clear, accurate images
  • Permanent in-line installation
  • Compact size


The Perkins Electronics Compact Scan Converter, PKP02721003 (PKP-02721-003), down-scans realtime monochrome high-resolution medical video images to NTSC or PAL formats.

This product represents the latest in video processing technology and provides easy interfacing between your medical imaging system and low-line rate video devices.

Typical installation involves interfacing between systems and DVD recorders, VCRs, video printers, video projection, broadcast components, and workstations.

Ampronix announces the acquisition of two Perkins Healthcare Technologies product lines and service capabilities. The products and services are the Perkins Scan Converter and Medical DVD Recorder lines.


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