NDSsi ExpandOR 90T0022 Streaming Video Encoder/Decoder

NDSsi ExpandOR 90T0022 Streaming Video Encoder/Decoder

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  • H. 264 codec support
  • Connectors: 24 pin digital DVI, Electric Interface: DVI-D input
  • 1 year warranty


NDSsi ExpandOR 90T0022 is the only medical-grade bi-directional HD-video and audio streaming device certified and compliant to be used within the patient vicinity in an endoscopic environment. Designed for user-friendly operation, ExpandOR can enable clinical collaboration using a telemedicine approach by transmitting and receiving HD-video and audio signals bi-directionally over a local IP network with low-latency performance.

Selectable video compression rates make efficient use of the IP network bandwidth without compromising image quality. Patient privacy is always considered a requirement when streaming, and with a built-in privacy feature, ExpandOR is designed to meet HIPAA compliance.


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