Sony SDX250C//AWW Cartridge

Sony SDX250C//AWW Cartridge

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Quick Overview

Sony SDX250C//AWW AIT 2-50GB Cartridge

  • 50GB native (130GB compressed) capacity
  • Transfer rate (native): 6Mb/s
  • Compatible with AIT-2, AIT-2 Turbo, AIT-3 and AIT-3Ex* Drives
  • Also available in WORM format
  • AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) Tape – Sony’s patented process provides maximum recording performance
  • R-MIC (Remote Memory in Cassette) - The AIT-2, 3, 3Ex, 4 and 5 cartridges feature a non-contact flash memory chip that stores directory and operational information allowing for rapid access to desired data and greatly reduced loading and ejection times
  • DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Coating - The tape surface is protected by a smooth carbon coating that is nearly as hard as diamond and 20 times harder than metal oxides for maximum reliability and tape life.


From small offices to large businesses, AIT Data Cartridge is the intelligent answer for your back-up requirements. With native storage capacities from 25GB to 400GB (65GB to 1,040GB compressed) Sony has a full line of AIT™ products that are widely used by government agencies, financial institutions and other companies worldwide.


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