Sony DWP-47R2 DVD+RW Disc

Sony DWP-47R2 DVD+RW Disc

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Sony DPW47R2 (DPW-47R2) 4.7GB (120 Minutes) 4x DVD+RW Disc

  • Type: DVD+RW Disc
  • Capacity: 4.7GB (120 minutes)
  • Speed: Up to 4x
  • Layer: Not Specified by Manufacturer
  • Double/Single-Sided: Single
  • Scratch Resistant: No
  • Printable: No
  • Surface: Not Specified by Manufacturer
  • Packaging: Single Jewel Case
  • Quantity: One
  • Warranty: Lifetime.


Sony DWP47R2 (DWP-47R2) has developed the 4.7GB (120 Minutes) 4x DVD+RW Disc for storing all types of data and video content. Each disc holds 4.7GB of information, which is more than two hours of high quality MPEG2 DVD video with outstanding picture quality. They are the perfect mate for the Sony DVD+RW Drive, so now users can edit or create a movie on a PC and view it on most DVD players.


AccuCORE is Sony's new development in recordable DVD media, giving you enhanced levels of recording accuracy, compatibility and reliability.


To make the most of DVDs digital picture and sound, every 1 and 0 is recorded with the utmost precision.


Sony's DVD+RWs record and play in the widest possible range of drives, camcorders, and video recorders and players.


You can count on Sony's reliability and know that any information recorded today will still be there years into the future.


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