Touchscreen LCD Displays

Touchscreen LCD Display Monitors from Ampronix.

Touch Screen LCD Displays


At Ampronix, we understand how important simplicity and ease are to the success of each project, which is why we offer and create only the most advanced touchscreen displays available today. Designed especially for medical use, these products provide a wide range of high-quality solutions across a spectrum of interactive technologies.


Ampronix offers a variety of touchscreen displays that are able to last through years of excessive use while providing incomparable image quality and consistency. Not only do these tools yield bright, sharp, and lag-free images that ensure a successful user experience, they also provide the durability and maneuverability required for a demanding environment. Ampronix currently offers touchscreen displays that typically include the following technology:


AccuTouch – AccuTouch products employ resistive technology, making them our most popular touchscreen for medical applications.


Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR) – Pulse Recognition products combine exceptional optical qualities, durability, and stability, along with excellent dragging properties making this technology ideal for a wide range of applications including medical instrumentation, patient bedside monitors, and public kiosks.


CarrollTouch – CarrollTouch infrared touchscreens combine high optical sensor technology with superior gasket-sealing capabilities, making these products ideal for harsh environments and applications that require superior imaging performance.


IntelliTouch/iTouch – Surface acoustic wave touchscreens are a commonly used technology for non-critical and/or patient-activated healthcare applications as the displays are only triggered with a finger or stylus.


SecureTouch – SecureTouch comes standard with all the features of IntelliTouch, with the added bonus of increased privacy filter options and a tempered glass construction for increased resistance to breakage and vandalism.


Ampronix’s evolving selection of touchscreen displays currently include:


Ampronix Touchscreen Displays –For applications that require a recording feature; consider Ampronix’s VersaPaxx and Chromapaxx models for the most up-to-date medical technology available today. Display Sizes: 17”, 22”


ELO Touchscreen Displays – Find your perfect fit with the ELO touchscreen displays, which come with a variety of technologies that cater to your specific requirements. Display Sizes: 12”, 15”, 17”, 18”, 18.1”, 19”, 22”, 24”


The service center at Ampronix is available to repair your touchscreen LCD display monitors - or any other medical technology - as we offer hot-swap exchanges and fast turnaround times. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective method to extending and maintaining the life of your equipment. All touch screen LCD display monitor repairs are performed onsite by experienced technicians and come with a minimum one year warranty.


We offer refurbished units for sales, exchange and “Hot Swap” replacement. We also provide refurbished units for in-stock products, with the possibility of overnight delivery. Contact us for a quote on the best LCD medical displays or professional displays for your medical environment.