Large-Screen LCD Displays

Large-Screen LCD Display Monitors from Ampronix.

Professional Large-Screen LCD Monitor Displays


Ampronix understands how important large screen displays are to cultivating an efficient business environment, which is why we only offer the most advanced equipment built to withstand years of excessive use. Moreover, every large screen LCD display at Ampronix is structured with an ergonomic design and provides unparalleled image quality, clarity, and consistency.


Specifically created for professional applications, these commercial grade displays have a mechanical design that provides the durability, safety, and maneuverability required for fast-paced settings. Not only are these products equipped with easy clean solutions for optimal picture, they also produce sharp images to ensure a successful viewing experience.


The service center at Ampronix is available to repair your large-screen LCD display monitors - or any other display technology - as we offer hot-swap exchanges and fast turnaround times. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective method to extending and maintaining the life of your equipment. All large-screen LCD display monitor repairs are performed onsite by experienced technicians and come with a minimum one year warranty.


We offer refurbished units for sales, exchange and “Hot Swap” replacement. We also provide refurbished units for in-stock products, with the possibility of overnight delivery. Contact us for a quote on the best LCD medical displays or professional displays for your medical environment.