Lexmark Perceptive PACS Scan Film

Lexmark Perceptive PACS Scan Film

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  • This product has been replaced by Hyland PACSgear PacsSCAN Film System - Edge PER9017.
  • Easy to use software - no training required
  • Auto-segmentation Technology (AST) creates "jitter-free" image stacks
  • Send to PACS/EHR, DICOM printer or multiple destinations
  • Part number: PGP-PSFE-SYS


Lexmark Perceptive PACS Scan Film is a software/hardware x-ray scanner with a simple user interface that allows anyone to scan documents and digitize film - no prior knowledge of PACS is required. Includes support for the DICOM Digital Mammography standard for accurate hanging protocols. In PACS, view prior films and mammograms along with CR and DR images at the point of diagnosis.

Perceptive PACS Scan Film is optimized for the VIDAR DiagnosticPRO® Edge film digitizer.

Includes additional features to scan documents, create electronic forms and import multimedia files.


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