Toshiba TF4DA-8 C-mount Lens

Toshiba TF4DA-8 C-mount Lens

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Quick Overview

Toshiba TF4DA-8 C-mount Lens features:

  • Special design for optimizing the image quality of 3CCD cameras.
  • Low-distortion design achieving accurate image input.
  • Compact, lightweight and robust design, supporting various systems.
  • Faithful color reproduction for 3CCD cameras, best suited for advanced monitoring applications.


3CCD camera lenses are used by security and disaster surveillance, inspections, surveying, assembly line monitoring, image processing and image analysis. We have lined our products from fixed focal cameras to zoom lenses; much like the Toshiba TF4DA-8 C-mount Lens. If lenses for normal single CCD cameras are installed on 3CCD cameras, optimal performance of the optical color separation system in these cameras cannot be guaranteed. It is thus advisable to install lenses exclusively constructed for 3CCD cameras.


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